Jennifer Thompson

National Science Foundation
Office of Polar Programs (OPP)

Alaska – Kindergarten and first grade

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Jennifer helped to organize the 2009 Joint Science Education Tour, becoming a member of the group during her fellowship year, and traveling to Greenland.  She coordinated teachers and students from Greenland, Denmark and the United States, giving her hope for future connections and collaboration between these three countries. A small group of High School age students traveled with their teachers to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to prepare for a three day expedition on the summit of Greenland. During the three days at the Summit Station at 10,000 feet, students learned from the scientists as they shared their research, explanations of instruments and goals for the projects. Students were able to take snow samples, hold ice cores, get a perspective of living in a research camp and ask questions to gain perspective of the information gathered at the Summit Station. As a PolarTREC teacher Jennifer documented the expedition in Journal entries with photos on her website.   During her fellowship, Jennifer also had the opportunity to assist with the development of a book about Antarctica for middle school age students. She says she learned a lot about the icy continent in the process and hopes to work on additional resources about both poles for elementary age students in the future. “Young students are curious about their world and supporting those first investigations in elementary school can often be the beginnings of a life long interest in science!”