June Yamashita

Department of Energy
Capitol Hill, Office of Senator Mark Hatfield (R-OR)

Hawaii – Mathematics

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Her favorite memories of her Fellowship year include her crusade to persuade other Senate offices to support legislation to fund the Einstein Fellowship and unsuccessful efforts to get the bill onto the Senate floor.  She also values being able to accompany Senator Hatfield to national meetings of education groups where she would introduce him before his keynote speeches and inform the audience of the Einstein Fellowship.   She greatly values experiencing the incredible camaraderie among all staffers in a well-led Congressional office, and sharing the intense loyalty to the Senator and his legislative program.  At the end of her Fellowship year, June joined the Senate Appropriations Staff and later became a meetings coordinator assistant for the American Bar Association Tax Session.  She is now retired, happy to be grandma to two teenaged grandsons.  She says, “I value my continuing friendship with the Senator, his legislative director, and some of his clerical staffers.  Developing familiarity with the Capitol buildings, legislative processes and historical perspectives made the federal government come to life for me.  I valued and admired the amazing efforts of the Triangle Coalition staff to help me make contacts and to advise me of alternative strategies to develop constituencies for the Senator’s agenda, including but not limited to the Einstein program.”