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Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative

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Pine Bluff, AR 71601

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The Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative (ARESC) is one of fifteen (15) education service cooperatives around the state. It has its legal origin and was authorized by Act 349 of the 1985 Arkansas Legislative General Assembly: 6-13-1001 Title. The title of this subchapter shall be “The Education Service Cooperative Act of 1985, in accordance with the resolutions filed by school districts in Arkansas, Grant, Jefferson, and Pulaski counties. The mission of the Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative is to assist member school districts and communities with the development of more effective and equitable use of their shared resources and to provide shared services supporting the knowledge and skills necessary to impact effective citizenship and economic productivity through student achievement. We provide to local schools or school districts that is necessary for the operation of the school system. Examples of support programs include professional staff and curriculum development, testing and assessment, early childhood/special education, printing/teacher center services, media, technology, health education/child nutrition, alternative and charter schools, and other programs traditionally associated with central office administration. The ARESC services shall assist LEAs in meeting the ADE accreditation standards and other school improvement goals.

1. The ARESC shall strive to provide high-quality, sustainable services which
individual school districts have not provided.
2. The ARESC shall endeavor to provide technical services more
economically and/or effectively than the same services could be
provided on an individual school district basis.
3. The ARESC shall make services to all interested school districts as equally accessible as practicable.

The programs and services hosted by the Arkansas River Education Service Cooperative (ARESC) are:

  • HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters)
  • Guided/Talented Program
  • Career & Technical Education
  • Teacher Center
  • Mathematics Specialist Program/Math Resource Center/Math-Science Lab
  • Literacy Specialist Program/Reading Lab
  • Science Specialist Program/Science Resource Center/Math-Science Lab
  • Technology/Distance Education Program
  • Delta Family Resource Center
  • Health Education/Child Nutritionist Program
  • Early Childhood/Hearing Impaired/Vision Impaired/Special Education
  • Parents as Teachers
  • Jefferson Area Vocation Center