What Members Say

  • “The Academy casts a broad net across many sectors in the St. Louis region and has found the TCEB to be a font of information for many of our constituents. Virtually every issue proves to be an invaluable resource for educators, corporate partners and science outreach organizations.”   ~ Mary Burke, Academy of Science of St. Louis
  • “ITEEA has been a Triangle Coalition member for years because this is one Coalition that has members interested in promoting all of the STEM areas. We use the information distributed by Triangle Coalition to keep our members informed about happenings in Washington, as well as the latest educational reports from around the nation.”   ~ Kendall Starkweather, International Technology and Engineering Education Association (ITEEA)
  • “The American Society for Engineering Education’s(ASEE) K-12 Activities have grown enormously over the last ten years and with this growth the need to get members up-to-date information. The audience ranges from K-12 teachers to engineering deans we use the Triangle Coalition’s timely information in a variety of materials from newsletters to briefings.”    ~ Bill Kelly, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)