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Everyone is facing with the problems when setting up the Online Store. Starting your own eCommerce Business isn’t simple at all. However, if you take care of most important things, it will be much easier to go through. And we all know how important good advice is. So we are here for you, to help you solve at least few problems, you will have to face with in begin of your e-Commerce Business trip.Solving your eCommerce Business problems

Take a brief look at most important eCommerce Business factors

1. Select the appropriate shop system

If you want to create an online shop, you should first think about which requirements the shop has to meet:

  • Which payment methods do I want to offer?
  • Does the online shop need to provide an interface to my merchandise management system
  • Which filter functions are required for my products?
  • Which connections to marketing portals are necessary?
    As soon as you have compiled a catalog of requirements, you have to compare it with the various shop alternatives and create a ranking list. When comparing them, keep in mind that there are free, so-called open-source online shops, as well as commercial products. The most popular ecommerce shop solutions include Magento, xt: Commerce, Gambio as well as Shopware and Oxid eShop. Check the various offers on the scope of services and price before you create the online shop.

2. Registration with payment providers
To successfully create an online shop, choosing the right online payment systems is crucial. For example, a survey by payment provider Sage Pay has found that over 70% of shoppers cancel their purchases if their preferred payment method is not offered by the merchant. The most important payment methods are:

  • Paypal
  • Purchase on invoice
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card

Depending on the payment provider, also called payment service provider, these four methods are completely or even partially covered. However, before deciding on the right payment provider, check whether your selected shop system even provides an interface to the relevant providers.

When you create an online shop, the terms of the payment providers are sometimes very different: So you will find providers with high annual fixed costs, but also those providers who waive fixed costs, but require additional fees per sales transaction. Therefore, check the providers’ offers exactly when you create the online shop and decide on the payment methods.

Credit Card as one of he most widely used Payment System for Online Store.

3. Install and set up the online shop
If you have not commissioned an agency for the technical support of the shop, then you have to lend a hand: Download the online shop to your web server, which you have previously rented, and install the shop. You can usually find instructions for this from the respective provider, but you can often hope for support from the provider community. The first time you create an online shop, they will usually be happy to help.

After successful installation, a lot of settings must be made, such as:

  1. Available delivery options and times
  2. Access data for your payment providers
  3. Design and presentation options
  4. Cross-selling capabilities
  5. Encryption of the website
  6. Integration of legal content, such as general terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.
  7. Category names and hierarchyLast but not least, the most important thing when creating an online shop is missing: the investment of the products you want to sell. A high-quality photo, an unambiguous product name, a clear product description, and a good price are the basis for your success in e-commerce.

4. Get More Visitors To Your Online Shop Using Facebook Ads
You have now created your online shop, but the customers stay out? No wonder, because without appropriate marketing measures you will not be able to generate relevant sales. Avoid a media break, because online marketing has become the most efficient advertising measure for eCommerce Business. Whether search engine marketing through Google AdWords, newsletter distribution to existing customers or so-called affiliate marketing – the opportunities to attract visitors through online marketing are huge.





Create Your online shop with the help of an eCommerce Expert

If you want to create an online shop, then a certain technical know-how is indispensable. Professional shop software is very flexible and customizable, but also much more complex than a simple shop building set. Therefore, it will be advisable for most founders, at least in the shop installation and setup to seek support from professionals. The one-off costs vary depending on the extent of different levels, with a high three-digit amount, but you should definitely count on. If you have deviating wishes from the standard, such as design or functional adjustments, then you move quickly clearly in the four-digit area, which of course is open at the top.

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